#FeedSmart: Role of Technology in Breastfeeding

According to the recent #BreastfeedIndia Survey 2015 conducted by Medela India, 48% more mothers were able to return to work earlier with the use of Breast Pumps compared to those who did not use.

Emerging technologies and innovations have been changing the world at rapid pace and nowhere this is more evident than healthcare, especially neonatal care. With increasing modern lifestyle, the need for innovative solutions that ease the struggles of the motherhood journey have become more commanding. Technological advancements like breastfeeding applications, social media support groups for lactating mothers, research based breast pumps etc have aided in changing the work dimensions for a new age mom, making her more resourceful, independent and empowered.

Welcome to the 4th Edition of LactoClave, an initiative by Medela, where we have renowned experts from different healthcare backgrounds come together for a panel discussion on the role of technology in breastfeeding.

Breast milk is your baby’s first and best immunisation. Six months of exclusive breast feeding and thereafter as long as the mother desires helps fight diseases like allergies, asthma, necrotising enterocolitis and many other infections thereby providing lifelong medical insurance cover for your child.

Ms. Aloka Mehta Gambhir

Aloka is a mom of two, a lactation councselor, a blogger at www.wholesomemamma.in, a professional babywearing consultant and co-manages the Mumbai Sling Library which conducts bi monthly meetups for mothers all across Mumbai. She is very passionate about mothering by keeping babies close and believes mothers know best. She loves sharing her experiences of breastfeeding, babywearing, baby led weaning, potty training, cloth diapering and other intuitive and natural parenting methods on her blog. You can contact her at aloka@wholesomemamma.in

Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar

Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (M.D.D.G.O.) and a trained waterbirthing and Hypnobirthing practioner. He is amongst the first few Obstetricians in India to conduct waterbirths and Hydro births and the first to conduct a natural, pain free childbirth under hypnosis in Mumbai (Hypno Birthing). He is a firm supporter of natural drug free childbirth and believes women are created and designed to birth naturally, therefore when left alone in a stress free environment (under supervision), can do so without medical interference.

Ruth Malik

Ruth Malik is a post graduate in International Health, a trained doula and hypnobirthing practitioner, with 14 years of experience supporting women to make informed choices in pregnancy and childbirth. An Australian national, Ruth has lived in India since 1996, both in New Delhi, and Mumbai. She is also the founder of Birth India, a non-profit, non-governmental organization to support families in seeking and selecting skilled, respectful care providers for women during their birthing year. Ruth Malik is currently the education manager at Medela India.

Dr. Amit Jagtap

Dr. Amit Jagtap is the Consultant &Chief, Neonatology, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. He has over 10 years of experience in managing extremely premature and low birth weight babies, high risk newborns and neonatal transport. He has been a fellow in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at KK Women’s & Children hospital, Singapore and also a fellow in neonatal intensive care at Nepean Hospital, Sydney Australia. Dr. Jagtap is also an honorary assistant professor, Pediatrics, at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai.