Becoming a mother is wonderful!

There will be many new experiences, especially with the first child. Right from the start, there are several questions that new mothers should be able to answer. How the baby will be fed is one of them.

Many mothers think of breastfeeding as the most natural thing in the world for which they do not need to prepare. But the fact is, although breastfeeding is a natural process, it does require preparation in terms of correct information about how to do it. The more information mothers have about breastfeeding, the better chance they have of a trouble-free breastfeeding journey. A good breastfeeding book is one of the worthwhile investments a mother should make.

Medela brings to you the Story of a Champion Mom. This is the story of the breastfeeding journey of Anushka, mother of a 6-month-old baby boy Aneesh. From her initial struggles to a journey filled with happiness and satisfaction, this is a story every new mom should read. Enjoy reading and Happy breastfeeding!

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