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Welcome to Medela India’s store locator. The easiest, convenient and quick way to find your favorite Medela product near you. Now you can browse through the extensive list of baby stores, pharmacies and other maternity product related shops in and around your locality that sells Medela products such as breast pumps, nipple shields, nursing bras, breastmilk bottles and a whole lot other Medela breastfeeding accessories.


The store locator uses the famous “Google suggest feature”. This is the feature where, as you start to type in the search box, related searches automatically appears below where you are typing.


The store locator allows you to filter the exhaustive list of baby shops by distance, products, offers and store rating. In short, the locator helps you to personalize your search as per your requirement, saving your precious time in hunting for a store or a product near you.


The locator shows your personalized search results in a neatly stacked scroll box in the order of shortest distance first.


When you click on your choice of a baby shop or pharmacy, you are able to check out the medela products available at the store, any offers, is available, on Medela products and store images and contact details.


Exciting offers and deals on any Medela products are highlighted in the respective individual shop pages; for example 10% OFF on Harmony; 15% OFF on Mini Electric. Now you don’t have to spend time traveling all the way to the busy crowded market to know about the available offers.


Found your product? Book your order now. That’s exactly what you can do by calling the store just by the click of a button. Once you have shortlisted/finalized the product you want, just click on "Order now" and get in touch with the store representative for booking/ order. You can even check for home delivery options directly with the shop.


The store locator is easily accessible on any smartphone or tablet device. Responsive design allows very conveniently UX and UI.